Knowing you have asbestos is only half the battle – you are legally required to manage it.

Health_Service_Executive_Logo.svgThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires you to manage any known asbestos within your property. More information can be found at

The Asbestos Register is an essential document and must be regularly updated whenever there are changes to your building or when review dates are reached. At AFC Ltd, we can manage your asbestos, ensuring all your information is kept up to date and ensuring you have full access to your Asbestos Register. 

Using Microsoft applications that are compatible with your existing IT systems, we can provide you with an updated Register that will provide the following information:

  • Details of asbestos containing materials within your building
  • If any of the materials are licensed asbestos
  • Each asbestos containing material will be assessed for risk
  • Details of any actions required
  • The budget cost for any actions points
  • Inspection dates due

In addition, we can design a comprehensive Asbestos Management System that will include the following documents which can all be accessed via one document – the Asbestos Register:

  • Photographs of asbestos containing materials
  • Plans detailing the exact location of the asbestos containing material
  • Algorithms for each asbestos containing material
  • Air Test Certificates
  • Removal Certificates and Waste Collection / Consignment Note

Let us manage your asbestos, providing you with more time to concentrate on running your business whilst ensuring you are fully compliant with current legislation.