There are two types of asbestos surveys and here at AFC, we are able to conduct both. In simple terms, as defined within 'The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012', either one of these surveys are legal requirements for different reasons.

A management survey is a legal requirement for any commercial property however it is highly recommended that you have one on your domestic property if it was built prior to 2000.

The survey aims to ensure that no individual is harmed by the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACM's) in either the premises or equipment. Management surveys are non-intrusive meaning no damage will be made to the property. A plan of the property will be drawn and surveyors will go through each room to identify the ACM's that may be present. These can be found in a number of places from the ceiling, walls and even pipe work. External buildings such as garages, lofts and extensions will additionally be inspected. If asbestos is found within the premises, the surveyors will take samples which will then be sent to the UKAS accredited laboratory. If there is damage, relevant advice will be given to protect the individuals concerned and will be shown where the asbestos is located.

Annual re-inspection is required to monitor the condition and amendments will be made accordingly to the asbestos management plan. 

refurbishment & demolition survey is a legal requirement prior to any works being undertaken on a property. The surveyors will need to know a number of details before conducting the survey such as the work that is being done on the property, possible access to all areas as well as access to power and electricity. Surveyors will additionally request any site plan drawings of the alterations being made to the property. Appropriate access and permission will be required to modify the property such as taking panels of walls, getting under the floorboards and suspended ceilings before taking samples.

All surveys are conducted within the HSG264 Survey Guide and are usually returned within 48 hours.